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14 Hands, 2010 Welsh X Mare

Viv is the ultimate competition pony, the boldest, most careful and unreal jump, she has been there and got the t shirt and is ready to teach her next jockey the ropes.

Viv has a beautiful trot and that bouncy ball jumping canter, snaffle mouthed, not strong or silly. She'll carry her jockey round the ring and give them the confidence they need. She is good to hack, a little spooky on her own but you put your leg on and she goes.

Viv is a dream to handle on the floor, easy to groom catch, shoe (although currently barefoot), load and travel. Clean limbed, vice free, no known vet history. 

Viv is a super pony who is ready and waiting for her next family to make the most out of her. Available for a short time at this price before we take her out ourselves and the price goes up substantially.





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